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 Pack Rules.

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Pack Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Pack Rules.   Pack Rules. EmptyTue Jul 17, 2012 11:37 am

Rules & Regulations

|| Like all RPs, we have rules which all members have to abide by. You don't have to memorize them - a lot of them are just plain common sense. But I think it is worth your time just to read through them. I have rarely witnessed anyone actually break these rules; let's keep it that way, eh?
These restrictions are not here to bore you, only to place boundaries to make sure this RolePlay is enjoyable to everyone in this pack. Any questions? Contact the Alphess ||


I - Respect. Disrespecting members is one guaranteed way on getting kicked out. Remember your manners; act maturely and politely. You are free to disagree with people, everyone is allowed to express their opinion. However, if you can't say something kindly, then avoid saying anything at all. Respect is an important factor that determines whether you join or not.

II - Drama. Keep in mind that this is a wolf role play. Drama is not welcomed here. Do not drag your personal problems into this RP. This also includes mate issues; if you don't like your partner, break up for heaven's sake!

III - Behavior. This is similar to respect. No member are be allowed to run about, harass or act vulgar towards any other player. Any other misbehaving acts such as "buttswining" another player are discouraged unless it's someone you know well.

IV - Language. Mild language is only acceptable either in group chats, or in the RP. However, please be mindful of younger players. Please avoid text talk, an extra letter or two won't hurt that much, will it?

V - Maturity. Everyone must have some level of maturity. All members have their fair share of immaturity at times, but do not over do it.


I - Designing. Your character cannot have radical attributes. Do not have wings and neon fur. No pink and purple wolves, please. :3 Or i'll beat you black and blue..

II - Your character cannot have powers. Period.


I - This RP takes priority. No ifs, no buts. If you are juggling too many RPs, do not join. If a member of authority asks you to come on, do not question them, get online immediately.

II - Activeness. It is essential that if you are to join this pack, that you go on Feral Heart or the chats at least twice per week. If this cannot be achieved for one reason or another, contact one of the Alphess or Betas, explaining your absence. If you become inactive, you will be issued a warning and after 3 weeks. Notice that you will not be banned until two months, this is because you may wish to re-join later. If you choose this option,there is a risk that you will lose your previous position and will have to work up the ranks again - all depending on the length of your unauthorized absence.


I - Mate within the pack, if you wish to mate with one outside the pack. You must either go with her/him or he/she must join us.

II - Weddings. They are not required of you but are encouraged. If you plan for a wedding post on the "wedding" section of the forum. If you wish for a private weddingh then PM the alphess.


I - Do not have pups without permission from the Alphas. Only the Alphas can give you authorization.

II - We do not need every mated pair having pups at the same time, having pups means you have to find RPers to join us and that could become chaotic quickly. A member of authority will accompany you and your partner whilst advertising for your litter. This is so we can avoid having random people downloading the map because I do not want the main map to be handed out like candy. (When Luke's map is done. That map)

II - There is a fixed limit to how many pups you are allowed between you and your partner. If you and your mate's ranks differ greatly, then it is best to discuss the maximum amount of pups you are allowed with the Alphas. To have pups within this pack, both you and your mate must join.

III - You and your mate have to be together for at least a year (RP year XD) before planning to have offspring of your own. However, if you become a single parent, the pack will continue to support you and your family through the all your trials and tribulations. c:

IV - Discipline. Now, this may not be entirely the parent's fault. The pups are just as likely to get scolded by the Alphas if they decide to wreak havoc or complain constantly. But if this behavior becomes repetitive and there is little or no control from the parents, the pups will be moved to more suitable replacements.

V - Breaking any of the above laws will most likely get you and your mate warned and banned. Your litter can be moved to other perminate parents. If you cannot obey a few rules, then how are you expected to raise a family?

Alphas to Beta - maximum of 6 pups per litter
Delta to Lead Ranks - maximum of 5 pups per litter
Assassin to Warrior - maximum of 4 pups per litter
Medic to Keeper - maximum of 3 pups per litter
- Ranks below Keeper cannot have pups. –

A link to our hierarchy can be found here -----> [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


I - Downloading. Do not download the maps without permission from the Alphess. This means finding us on Feral Heart - active on weekends - and signing up to join. If you cannot find us, go on the 'Application' page and and read the instructions. After you do this, do not download the map, just wait until someone answers you.

II - Ranks. When you join, your rank will mostly depend on how advanced your language is. Once you do this, the Alphas - and only the Alphas - will give you your rank, unless someone else has been given permission to do so otherwise. At the beginning, you'll most likely be put on Trial until further notice. Once you receive your rank, you will stick to it. Once we found out - trust me, we will find out - that you have changed it without authorization, you will be given a warning and most likely banned.


I - Before receiving a ban, we will be issued a warning either by email or by pm. This will informing you on the details and reasoning of your ban and when it expires (if it does). In some severe cases, you may be banned without prior warning.

Offences that lead to warnings & bans-

-Severe disrespect or harassment to any member.
-Excessive powerplay or godmoding.
-Flooding the chats/forums.
-Purposefully being deceitful to members.
-Repetitive refusal to follow the rules or commands.

II - Treason. Wolves found guilty of treason will be killed. The same punishment is used for murdering another member of the RM.

III - Public discipline. Opposing any authority higher than youself will will result in you becoming an example towards the rest of the pack. Being vulgure towards the Alphas is certain death.
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Pack Rules.
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