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We are the warriors of the night.
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 Looking to join our pack? :o

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Looking to join our pack? :o Empty
PostSubject: Looking to join our pack? :o   Looking to join our pack? :o EmptyFri Aug 10, 2012 12:34 pm

To join:

Make a thread of the following information:

Feral Heart Username:
Current Packs:
Paragraph Role play example:

Extra Details: This may include history, your family or even the meaning of your name.


Everyone has attitudes that they do not tolerate and like an individual, this pack does not accept certain behaviour.
We do not tolerate disrespect and those who do not know their place. You are expected to take orders for your superior as their word is law. While in this midst of my pack, you will treat every member with some degree of respect.

If you are not accepted into this pack do not: whine, whinge or beg. Instead, work on the things we told you to improve and try again. We will not ban your username until six months later.
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Looking to join our pack? :o
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