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 Wolves Of Survival. {Chapter 1 : So far}

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Wolves Of Survival. {Chapter 1 : So far} Empty
PostSubject: Wolves Of Survival. {Chapter 1 : So far}   Wolves Of Survival. {Chapter 1 : So far} EmptySun Jul 22, 2012 8:04 pm

"What the hell are you doing Jake?!"

"Just keep running Benny!!"

"Why the hell do you have a pup?!"

"I'll explain later!"

"You explain it to me right now, damn it!!"

My words echo through the air. My sides heaved as I ran along side my friend, Jake. He had a pup in his mouth. We were on the edge of our enimies territory and I sat there and waited for him. I should have know he would steal one of their pups. What an idiot.
Jake looked behind us.

"I don't want to stop now!"

I looked behind us and saw three of the pup's pack's warriors chasing us.

"Damn it, Jake! Damn it!"

We lived in the hills in North America. We entered our pack's territory, but the warriors still went strong. There was a small clift coming up on our left. Next thing I know, Jake shoots over to it and jumps off! I bolted after him. What the hell was I doing? As I fell, Jake grabbed me by my scruff and pulled me into a little hole within the wall of the cliff.

"What the hell were you think-"

Just as I was about to finish my sentence, Jake put his paw over my muzzle. The three warriors looked down the cliff. They must have thought we fell and they went back to their territory. Sooner then we knew it, it was safe to come out of hiding.

"Phew. I thought we were dead." Jake chuckled laughing a bit.

"Oh yeah? Well-" I stopped talking and bitch slapped Jake. "What the HELL were you thinking?! You dumbass! We could have been killed! What the hell is wrong with you?!" I snapped.

"OW!" Jake said, rubbing his head with his paw. "I thought we could take this pup for fun." He motioned to the injuried pup in the cornor of the small hole.

"You IDIOT!!" I snarled. "You hurt him!!" I said, motioning to the bite marks on the pups small frail body.

"I didn't mean too." Jake said quietly.

"You dumbass!! Now Alpha Leah is going to kill us!!" I rushed over to the pup and put my ear up to his weezing chest. "He isn't going to make it." I sighed. I noticed Jake staring off into space.

"Alpha Leah is hot." He said, looking out over the land, tongue hanging out.

"Your such an idiot!!" I bitch slapped him even harder. "We have a pup from Laufaiea Mia dieing in front of us because of YOU and all you can think about is Alpha Leah?! Your such a dumbass!" I said, snapping at him. "This is all your fault, not mine."

I crawled up the small slope and back up onto the ground. I shook my pelt to get the dirt off of it. I look behind me and see Jake crawling out. I shook my head. What an idiot. I thought.

"Hey want to do this tomorrow too?" Jake said, not kidding what so ever.

"Hell no! Dude you have serious issues!!!" I said, lashing at him before turning and bolting back to my territory. Jake struggled to keep up.
I'm blaming this whole thing on him, no questions asked.

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Wolves Of Survival. {Chapter 1 : So far}
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