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GRADUATIONS. When a Trainee reaches two years of age, or their Mentor deems them fit to move on, they essentially Graduate from the Trainee rank and move onto the rank of their Mentor. This ceremony includes a promotion to a new rank and a lap around the map to signify the dangers left behind and those still to come.

WEDDINGS. When two wolves in the pack wish to be wed, the ceremony is either a public or private affair. Public Weddings mean that everyone in the Tribe is invited to watch the ceremony, while Private Weddings are just the couple, the couple’s parents (if they have any), and the Leaders. After the Leaders walk the couple through their vows, the couple drinks from a leaf filled with water and place new pawprints on the Pack Tablet - this time their paws are overlapped. In this Pack, any gender combination may be wed.

BIRTHS. Newborn pups, (after a three days so the mothers have time to recover), are brought into the water where the Alphess conducts the ceremony that inducts the cub into the Pack as a naturally-born member. This ceremony includes dipping the pup (not entirely, of course) into the water and inscribing their name and pawprint on the Pack Tablet.

DEATHS. When a member of the Pack dies, whether through battle or natural causes, their body is carried down by the water and buried. Their pawprint on the Pack Tablet then has a colored line placed in the center. Red lines signify killed in battle, Blue lines are through illness, Green lines are murdered by someone in the Pack, Purple lines are old age, White lines are death by other means. Mourning relatives or friends are permitted to stay by the grave for however long they feel need to, their needs will be tended to as long as they stay.

Pack tablet: A tablet of stone, with the member's name and pawprints. It is a sacred item to our pack and is to be kept in good shape.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] (This is what the pack tablet looks like. It is a certain rock in our territory, I will show you the correct one.)
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