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 Project SIN

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PostSubject: Project SIN   Project SIN EmptyThu Jul 19, 2012 3:03 pm

So yeah, for those of you who have read this story, it's being moved here! For those who haven't, well... Eh, you can read it if you want. XD I'm going to be posting the first two parts I already have done, but the next part is still on hold for a bit. However, if I do get it done, I might even do a double update if I have the time! :3 So for those reading it relax and enjoy, and you can comment if you so wish, whether it be to correct any mistakes or just to, well, comment. ^^

“What kind of a joke is this?!”
The wolf’s pupilless, sea-green eyes flitted over to the whitecoat that spoke, its red fur bristling at the anger and frustration it felt rising from the man.
One of the other four whitecoats, the ones who had created the wolf, looked down ashamed. “We’re sorry sir. It was a perfect experiment, but then something went wrong...”
“Something went wrong?!” the whitecoat snarled, his ice-blue eyes glaring at the others. “You worthless imbeciles, my boss needs a perfect experiment and hired you fools to do it, then something goes wrong?! You all said you could do it!”
“We did!” one of the others protested, “But the moment we turned our backs some of the DNA went haywire for no apparent reason. We tried to fix it, but we couldn’t completely control what it was doing without risking killing the experiment…”
At this the one whitecoat, the one the wolf silently nicknamed Ice-Eyes, turned and silently faced the wolf. “What all can it do then? Does it meet the requirements of my boss?”
“Well sir, it can change into a human and speak the human language as was expected, but…”
“But what?”
The whitecoat looked down. “We fear it has lost all emotions. It has showed no signs of fear or confusion or… anything.”
Ice-Eyes sighed and turned to the others. “Well that’s perfectly alright. So long as it has the abilities we need it to have, no emotions will be no problem. Perhaps it’ll actually make it easier to train the thing.”
The others nodded, relieved that the fury of the man had passed.
As Ice-Eyes barked out a couple of orders and then walked out of the room, the wolf slowly blinked. It understood every word from these whitecoats, and they’d said he could do what? Take on the appearance of a human, and speak the human language? And then there was what they said about it missing its emotions… Was that why despite all the fear it sensed in the room, it didn’t feel fear itself? And then there was what Ice-Eyes said, something about training. That was when it hit the wolf: They were going to try and tame him. No, he wouldn’t let them turn him into a lab experiment. He had no memories of his past or anything, but somehow he knew very well what it meant to be an “experiment”. It meant tests and other cruel lab terms. No, it didn’t want to go through that. It had to get out, but how…?
It had no time to think of a plan, so right as its cage door opened, instincts kicked in. And within mere moments the entire room was covered in blood...


Sirens blared in every direction as the wolf ran on unsteady legs. Its paws tripped over nothing and corners tangled up his paws as he shot forward, onward, desperate to find the way out. Everywhere the whitecoats were barking orders and warnings over the intercoms around the place, warning something that the wolf heard as, “Project SIN has escaped. I repeat, Project SIN has escaped and is on the run.”
Shaking its head, the red wolf sprinted faster, its tongue hanging out of its mouth from its body not used to running so fast or for so long. ‘The way out. Where’s the way out?!’ it growled to itself, dodging clumsily as a whitecoat came out of nowhere and lunged towards it. The wolf fell on its side but caused the whitecoat to miss and go stumbling to the ground. Snorting it stood and ran again, not bothering to look around to see if any others were coming. It was lucky, at least for the moment. ‘Darn it all, where’s the exit?!’ it snarled again to itself, its pupilless sea-green eyes flitting around as it searched for something, anything…
An “Exit” sign ahead made it sigh in relief, and urged the large red and black wolf to go faster than before. Its lungs felt like they could explode any second, but what did it care? It was so close to freedom, to no more whitecoats, to a life of peace. Its ears flat against its skull to blot out the last noises of the dreaded place, the wolf leaped and shoved the door open, causing more sirens to go off. Grinning, the wolf’s paws, for the first time, touched grass, and the wind ruffled its fur as it bounded out to the unknown world, leaving the lab behind.

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Project SIN
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