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 Description of the Ranks.

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Description of the Ranks.  Empty
PostSubject: Description of the Ranks.    Description of the Ranks.  EmptyTue Jul 17, 2012 10:07 am

Alpha~ (RMA)
She/he holds the highest rank and position above all. Everyone in the entire pack is to follow their examples and bid by the rules they put. If one has disobeyed and showed unnecessary actions, these are the wolves that decide your final fate. However, this wolf is to know how to run a group and know how to make good decisions. When, where, who, and how as well.

Beta~ (RMB) (RANK CLOSED. Filled by Acacia and Frost)
They are to assist the alpha's at any point in their daily lives and run all parties. (Meaning: Role-play and hunts and or fighting/training things.) They are to be respected and named as a top wolf. Everyone is to treat them as they would an alpha. However, this wolf must be loyal to not only the pack, but the issuse that lay inside. They must have strength, power and obedience of the pack. Even though, this pair does not over rule the Alpha

Delta~(RMD) (One spot taken. Filled by Sly Meekly)
They are to run as an assistant to the beta's. They do have a top rank but they are 3th in line, but, they must be respected as you would to a high up. This wolf is not only to help organize the parties, but to go along as second in the parties. As Beta(s) heads in first. Of course, this changes when the Alpha is on. They must have everything an Alpha would need. Ruling ability, obedience of the pack, and loyalty granted from the Alpha

This wolf does need to be skilled in herbs, cuts and nature itself. However, this rank must follow all higher up's orders. This wolf is to be in line at all times and not slide out.

This wolf is the one to go to when you have problems, and needs advice. The alphess is not always available for you to talk with, so this rank is the one you will talk with. These wolves need to be empathetic, and understanding. They also must be sensible, and most of all, loyal and obedient to the lead of their rank, and higher.

The pack’s ambassadors. Utilizing manipulation, negotiation and persuasion, they help deter battles and help form alliances with other packs. They are under the Alpha, and work hand in hand with Scouts, and Assassins on missions.

This wolf is a common assassin. This wolf does need to be talented in battle skills and such but not as much as its ranks lead. Also, this rank must go to training sessions and train as a hunter, tracker and its own rank, warrior. However, this rank must follow all Lead(s) orders and up. But most of all, treat their own ranks lead as an alpha her/his self. This wolf is to be in line at all times, and not slip out. Holds same authority as any other commoner rank.

Rapha~ (RMR)(RMLR)
This wolf is the field medic, trained in the art of combat and healing. This wold will go to war with us and fight. However if a wolf falls in the fight, the Rapha must stop, drag him off the feild and administer quick treatment, then hand the wounded wolf over to the fill time Medics. After that returning to the battle field to fight once more. This wolf must listen to their lead rank orders, and up.

This wolf does need to be talented in killing, hunting and tracking. Also, this rank must go to training sessions and train as a tracker, warrior. However, this rank must follow all Delta orders and up. This wolf is to be in line at all times, and not slip out.

This wolf needs to provale in all senses and the movement of their paws. As a scout, they need to move fast, swift and use their hearing, sense of smell and sight all at the same time. (Now tell me if you see this often?) This rank can go to training sessions but can just ask their ranks Alpha However, this rank must follow all Delta orders and up. This wolf is to be in line at all times, and not slip out.This wolf needs to be able to move fast and swift through the trees and take on anything that seems to be a threat.

Keeper~( RMK)(RMLK)
This wolf needs to be able to handle pain, 2-4 pups and have patience. However, this rank must follow all Delta orders and up. This wolf is to be in line at all times, and not slip out.

Pup~( RMP)
This rank is just for young ones. However, this rank must follow all orders. Excluding prisoners. But most of all, this rank must respect their parents most of all. They brought you to the pack, now say thanks to them. If you dont obey them, you may have to be left out of the pack itself and or just not be accepted by the higher ranks.
Trainee~( RMT)
Since they are still learners of not just the pack but as well as the ranks and rules, they are given this rank until their mentor says they are skilled enough to move up, however the final decision goes to the Alphess.

The elders are retired wolves. To become an elder you have to prove your loyalty and serve your pack for as long as you can. It is not required of you to become an elder it is merely an option. If you so choose to become an elder. You will retire your old job and only be called on in desperate times of need.

This rank is a punishment rank, and a rank you may have without a test after the recruit stage. They are the ones who eat last, and must follow orders of everyone in the pack. However the alphess may say differently, and the Omega must obey. Punishment for stepping out of line for this rank, is immediate ban from the website, second offense leads to death, or being kicked from the pack all together. Omega's can not have pups, this rank is not one you would like to have...

These wolves are the newbies of the pack, they are to go to as many training sessions as they can, and prove they are loyal, active, and literate. Once they have done that, they can try for an actual rank.
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Description of the Ranks.
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