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 The Lost One

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PostSubject: The Lost One   The Lost One EmptySat Aug 11, 2012 11:52 pm

Hey guys I just recently had an idea for a story. Here it is hope you enjoy. I will have another part out soon. Please post opinions!

           Silent paws slid across the forest floor. The grey fea glided towards her prey like a shadow. Her muscles bunched as she crouched claws sliding out,she waited. The tawny deer looked up her large ears swiveling. The wolf lunged aiming  the doe's neck. Clamping her strong jaws down on it's throat she waited as the deers life seeped away. Swivling 
She tore the hide away and ate the juicy steaming meat. Her muzzle stained red she left the carcass for the ravens and went to the river to drink. She lapped up the clear cold water and licked her muzzle. She snuffed at the air searching for scents. There! she thought she sniffed again. The musky smell of a male wolf drifted across her muzzle. He was about her age, and hurt by the smell of blood. Curiosity got the best of her and she went to investigate.
  As she came upon the clearing where the wolf rested she peered at him through the ferns before stepping out into the sun light. He was a large black wolf with eyes like the sun and a pelt as black as the moonless night. He had shimmering golden eyes, but his flank was ripped open his life bleeding out of it. Quickly she stepped into the clearing. The sun shining on she dark silver pelt. Her deep green eyes took in the wolf. Laying next to him she felt his shallow breath on her cheek. Effortlessly she swiped her paw in a hollow tree muttering a hasty "Sorry." to the spider. She gathered the silky webs tangling them around her paw. A sweep around the clearing reviled some marigolds growing behind some rocks. She chewed the marigold grimacing at the sour taste. She spit the salve on her paw and wiped it on the wolf's flank. Then she wrapped the webs around his side and covered it with a thin slip of bark. She looked up, clouds were turning the sky an ugly gray. She had to find shelter for her and this wolf. She circled the clearing her circles getting wider and wider. She spotted an old badger sett. The scents of the badger were old and relief flooded through her. It took her some time to move the wolf into the den and the first drops of rain were falling as she slid in after him. She fervently hoped the wolf would be great full she helped him and not attack her. As her eyes adjusted she saw the males eye lid flutter open and widen in surprise as he took in the silver female before him and the den they were in. "Hello." she said with a comforting voice. 
"W-Who are you? How did I get here? Where am I?" The questions tumbled out of his mouth like water down a fall. " Well first." The female said with a hint of laughter in her eyes." I am Shima." The fea said in a light voice that sounded like liquid gold. "And we are in a badger sett outside the clearing where I found you." 
The brute calmed down a bit seeing the fea in front of him. Her body was thin and muscular but she was relaxed not tensed. She was not here to attack.                                           "Hello Shima. I am Luka. I should be going."He tried to stand up as if it leave but Shima forced him down.
"You'll be going no where with that flank in this storm." Shima said forcefully as if in response the thunder boomed loudly above them.
Taken back by her force, he slowed himself down and surveyed himself,Shima and then den they where in. First he looked at the ragged tare down his flank. It was a dull pain and what ever the fea put on it was helping. Next he took in the low dirt roof and floor of the den the sides of the den were wide though so he had enough room to stretch. And lastly he looked at the beautiful fea in front of him. She was a shimmering dark grey with lovely emerald eyes.
"Are you in pain?" I said looking at the long slash in his side. 
"No, I'm fine." He said looking intently at her.
"Good." I said tilting my head I looked at him"Are you hungry?"
"Yes." He said suddenly ravenous at the mention of food.He smelled the blood of the deer in her pelt."If thats not too much trouble for you." He added in quickly
"No not at all.I will be right back."She slipped out of the den and looked around. The storm was worse then she thought. Lightening had struck and a tree was being hastily eaten by the fire. The thunder clapped over head and she jumped. She loped as fast as she could back to the kill she had made earlier. She stumbled across it and quickly torn the hind quarters off and dragged them with her. Only then did  look up and see the bear looming before her. Only then did she notice this wasn't the same deer as before. She looked up and squeaked. A giant grizzly stood in front of her. This was it's kill and it was hungry. Then mama bear snarled a snarl and lunged at Shima, her long claws gleaming.
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PostSubject: Re: The Lost One   The Lost One EmptySun Aug 12, 2012 11:25 am

Me gusta Very Happy
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The Lost One
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